SEO – Get the Best Traffic Possible

Building a great website involves a lot more than just throwing some basic information onto a page, uploading a couple of photos, and publishing it live to the net.  Instead, you need to take the steps to make sure that potential customers actually find your website.  There are billions of websites out there and without a little effort yours will be doomed to languish, unseen, for years.  Numerous tools and tricks can help get the word out about your site, and most online business marketing will involve several of them.  At JAM Consulting, we start working on your promotion as soon as we begin developing your site thanks to our careful content writing that employs good SEO.

SEO is also called Search Engine Optimisation, and it’s just what it sounds like.  During the content writing phase of your website – along with things like header tags – we’ll work to include basic keywords in the appropriate density in order to drive up your site in the rankings.  It’s important to note that just throwing fifty instances of certain words on your site isn’t going to help – it may hurt.  There’s a science to Search Engine Optimisation, including keyword density, location in text, and much, much more.  You need the pros to help in most cases.

Understanding just why SEO is so important isn’t difficult at all.  Research finds that nearly everyone on the net accesses the information that they’re looking for through search engines.  It also shows that most online searchers don’t like to click paid advertisements – they’d rather click the organic results.  These are the search results that come up naturally on a Google or Bing search and they’re the results that Search Engine Optimisation will actually help your site rank highly in.  Further studies found that most people won’t look beyond the first ten or so results on their search, so placing high is vital.

JAM Consulting has a proven track record of helping our clients land in the top rankings on search results and we take every step that we can during content writing and website creation to ensure that your SEO is the best that it can be.  While targeted marketing through things like press releases and newsletters is still important, the single most important aspect of online business marketing is good Search Engine Optimisation.  If you’re ready to see a difference in your website traffic and your bottom line, we can help give you a boost.

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