Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) have many benefits for retirement and investment opportunities. Deciding to start or move into a SMSF is a significant financial decision and requires careful management. We give you our full support throughout the process and explain the pros and cons of what your SMSF can do for you.

Establishing your own SMSF has become a popular financial structure to take control of investments and build wealth for retirement.

Creating and running a SMSF requires an understanding of superannuation legislation, which is complex and fraught with traps that could makes your dream of the future quickly become a nightmare.
The ATO itself recommends a professional SMSF advisor to be on board.

That’s where we step in to help you set-up and run your fund. By using us, you are getting a licensed SMSF advisor. This ensures that we keep up with the latest superannuation rules and government changes that may affect compliancy.
With our SMSF clients we give insight into the range of services available and there suitability. An important part of being an accountant and a SMSF advisor is to develop a personalised, strategic plan for wealth and retirement goals.

We can help with:
– Establishing your SMSF with the necessary paperwork and legal requirements
– Day-to-day administration and auditing so reporting obligations are met
– Preparation and tax return lodgement
– Ongoing advice and assistance all year round

Whether you require just the annual compliance work completed or would prefer to have more active control of your fund, with up to date reports available, we can and are always happy to assist.

We utilise the best of cloud technology for the administration of your fund, meaning that you can get up to date reports and details of your fund with live bank feeds and daily share price information available.
We are also registered SMSF auditors so if you have your compliance work already sourced, then we can assist with our SMSF auditing service.