Toowoomba Web Design

Looking for a great Toowoomba web designer?   We have just developed a website and implemented a Social Media Campaign for Skillfit – a local Toowoomba business, who specialises helping candidates secure jobs in the competitive mining and construction industries.

Toowoomba Web Design Feature: Skillfit

At the heart of the design is the seamless integration in applying for jobs , which allows the users to showcase their job history, certificates, licenses and resumes.  Great Toowoomba web design is one of the most important things that you can do for a company’s success, but quality websites go beyond just a flashy look.  Depending on the site, a wide number of different things may be needed for implementation.    The Skillfit site, located at, which JAM Consulting set up is a perfect example of what your website can be when in experienced hands.

toowoomba web design

This site was set up to help attract potential candidates hoping to find jobs in the construction and mining industry.  Unlike other recruitment websites, the Skillfit website needed to involve a lot more than just a look at previous projects and experience.  It aims to serve as a kind of one-stop location for those hoping to enter the market, and as such it needed to host licenses and certificates in a secure location.  As always, JAM Consulting was able to help.

By using the power of WordPress, which is perfect for all business and ecommerce websites, and nearly any other type of site you can think of, JAM Consulting built an easy to use site for Skillfit.  At the heart of the design is the seamless integration with which allows candidates to showcase all of their job experience, certificates and licenses.  This easy integration makes the website highly effective at helping those interested in employment find what they’re looking for, and is far more powerful than most would suspect at first glance.

From undertaking courses to finding employment in the construction or mining field, the Skillfit website will be one of the most widely used sites for those hoping to find placement in the construction and mining.  Along with building ecommerce websites and construction websites, JAM Consulting can provide any company with the perfect site for their needs.  Integration with other Toowoomba websites is easy for our skilled builders, and once your site is up we can help with online business marketing, e-newsletters, website and email hosting, and much more.