Ecommerce Websites

JAM Consulting customised the powerful WordPress ecommerce system with dynamic pricing to allow Gold Coast Laundry Equipment’s clients to roder online.  This flexibility stands out from other ecommerce websites that often offer only one basic price.A website can be a lot of things for a lot of different companies.  It’s your online face, first and foremost.  With good SEO and other features you can draw a lot of attention to your company.  But those looking to setup ecommerce websites will have even more options.  At JAM Consulting we utilise WordPress’ powerful ecommerce platform in ways that most just can’t.  While it’s easy to master the basics of the platform, implementing it to its fullest takes a lot of time and effort.  We make it easy to get the most from your online storefront, no matter what you need.

The GLCE ecommerce website is a perfect example of this fact.  Along with handling the planning and building of the site, not to mention the SEO and business marketing side of it, JAM Consulting also took the time totally customise the system in a way that allows GLCE to host multiple clients and client types and to apply various discounts to each one of them.  This kind of powerful flexibility makes it easy to offer all of the special features to numerous groups and help stand out from other ecommerce websites that often offer only one basic price to their customers.

It’s called ‘advanced product pricing’, or ‘dynamic pricing’, and when applied to ecommerce websites it has been shown to increase sales significantly since the types of pricing plans can be used in unique ways that are comparable to business marketing plans done elsewhere.  For example, the use of dynamic pricing allows a company to offer a ten percent discount when a customer purchases four or more of a certain item, to offer half-off accessories with the purchase of a particular product, and numerous other special deals.  They can even offer different discounts to preferred members who shop with them.

These pricing plans can be simple, like offering a fifteen percent discount to all items in a particular category, or complex like the examples listed above.  And while implementation of all this would be difficult when setting up many ecommerce websites, JAM Consulting’s implementation makes it easy for our clients to select, manage, and modify all of their dynamic pricing needs.  We’ll handle the SEO and ensure people find your site, and once they get there they will be able to take advantage of the numerous offers that you want to provide.  It can increase your sales significantly and change the way you do business.